Our professional preschool program is not just ABCs and 123s. We know that your busy bee needs more than rigid lesson plans to flourish. We want to continue the learning going on at home by sparking curiosity and encouraging discovery at school. They will learn without even knowing it!

Of course, no two kiddos are alike. We believe every child has special individual skills worth developing. ECEC offers a custom-designed program with activities and projects geared toward each child’s ability, challenging their strengths while developing areas that come less naturally.

Much like 4K and 5K programs, our program follows a structured curriculum with detailed units and weekly themes geared for children ages 2-5. Our dedicated, qualified teachers carefully prepare the lessons, catering to the needs of their specific groups of students. Our goal is to provide your child the best positive learning experience using engaging learning centers and small group activities.

Unlike other 4K and 5K programs, we take it one step further by continuously challenging your child academically. As your child progresses, so does our curriculum. Why continue walking if they’re ready to run?


We focus on three key components: socialization, communication and academic skills to build strong foundations. We then provide opportunities to practice what they learn on their own. We see lightbulbs come on with our multi-age grouping plan for preschool. Children work and play with younger and older peers throughout the school day to foster an enriching and challenging social atmosphere – with careful guidance, of course.


Children can make a huge impact on the community. They have so much to offer in so many ways! Each month, we venture out on a field trip that enhances the educational unit we are focused on. The lessons come to life, and their minds soar when they visit places like the Milwaukee Zoo, Swan’s Pumpkin Farm, Apple Holler, the Franklin Public Library, and many more. Little do our kids know their love for learning has a way of inspiring others, too.


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The teachers at ECEC are wonderful, skilled and caring people. Our children have so many wonderful memories of their time spent with the amazing staff at ECEC. We can never thank you enough!

Family of Four, Oak Creek

My daughter started here when she was 3, and is now in their Summer Camp program. She loves her teacher and, although she will be going to her public school 4K program this year, ECEC has built an amazing foundation for her.

Family of Four, Racine

Best decision I've ever made! My son is 4 and he is so smart, thanks to the amazing staff. Thank you for all that you do!

Family of Five, South Milwaukee