How do I enroll my child?
The first and most important step is to tour our center. We love to help! Be sure to bring your child with you so you and your child can meet all our teachers and check out all we have to offer. Please be sure to take this time to share any concerns and to ask questions. If you feel ECEC is a good fit, the next step is enrollment.

When are the enrollment forms due?
We need the “Enrollment Form” and “Health History Form” before your child’s first day.

What does my child need on the first day?
There are several items needed:

  • a change of clothing kept at ECEC
  • boots
  • a blanket and pillow (if your child takes naps)
  • a favorite napping friend (e.g. stuffed animal)

Does ECEC provide lunch?
ECEC does not provide a lunch and families will need to pack a lunch for their child. However, ECEC does provide milk, silverware and napkins. We also have a microwave to warm up hot lunches. If a lunch is needed, ECEC will provide a healthy, basic lunch and charge your account accordingly.

Does ECEC provide snacks?
ECEC provides one morning and one afternoon snack, provided your child does not have any dietary restrictions. We accommodate a variety of special dietary needs.

Will I receive an invoice?
ECEC does not do paper invoicing. Account balances are displayed on the computer screen each time you log in or log out. Parents also have online access to your account to view charges and pay online.

How is my weekly tuition calculated?
Each family submits a weekly schedule and a tuition amount is determined based on the rate category. Tuition amounts and family credits are posted to your family account on a weekly basis.

If your child does not attend on a scheduled date for any reason, families are still responsible for the weekly tuition.

What are tuition credits?
ECEC offers one sick day per month. The sick day can be used for any reason but cannot be accumulated. Advance notice is required to use a sick day.

Why do I need to fill out a schedule when my children will be absent?
The State of Wisconsin requires all child care centers to monitor children’s absences.

Unsure what kind of care you need? We can help!
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The teachers at ECEC are wonderful, skilled and caring people. Our children have so many wonderful memories of their time spent with the amazing staff at ECEC. We can never thank you enough!

Family of Four, Oak Creek

My daughter started here when she was 3, and is now in their Summer Camp program. She loves her teacher and, although she will be going to her public school 4K program this year, ECEC has built an amazing foundation for her.

Family of Four, Racine

Best decision I've ever made! My son is 4 and he is so smart, thanks to the amazing staff. Thank you for all that you do!

Family of Five, South Milwaukee