CAMP ECEC was created in order to broaden the scope of our curriculum for the summer –– making it a fun
and exciting learning experience appropriate for children ages 2-12. This program is a professionally planned, 10-week program that is offered every summer. Combining our trusted and established practices with new
and innovative ideas, our primary goal is education and fun. We also encourage team building skills, project planning and follow-through while encouraging creativity, peer relationships and self esteem.


Children who learn gardening at an early age can grow into adults with a passion for plants, respect for
the environment and live a healthier lifestyle. We provide children the experience of nurturing our
garden throughout the summer as part of our summer program. This gives your child the opportunity
to learn how to grow and taste different foods. We also cook up some fun with your child by getting them involved in preparing food, baking, taste tests, and include them in fun games and activities related to
nutrition and healthy eating.

Lean and Green

Unplug your child for 10 weeks of "lean" and "green"
every afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m. This summer afternoon program is a supplemental curriculum that offers daily social activities to keep children moving while learning all summer long.


Sneak in a little fitness and get children
moving with team sports such as kickball,
badminton, cycling sports and playground
games. We also teach nutrition basics and
healthy eating habits using the new USDA
"My Plate" tool also included.


Children also learn about how we
can help improve and take care of our
environment by practicing the three
"Rs": Recycling, Reducing and

Reusing. We also teach the basics
of composting and conservation.

This summer, Camp ECEC is all about giving and sharing! Every week for ten weeks, we will focus on a specific charity or special cause chosen by our teachers. (See list of special causes on the right.)

Growing little hearts into big hearts

Our summer camp program will include an educational curriculum and theme of the week while partnering with the selected charity. For example, when our summer-long food drive campaign debuts during the second week of camp, we will collect food items while we focus on nutrition.


To complement the theme of each week, children (and parents!) will have the opportunity to

participate in fun activities and engaging field trips. We have scheduled visits to Pinehold Gardens, Goodwill Store and Donation Center in Oak Creek, Hawthorne Hallow, and an exclusive trip to the beautiful Bookworm Gardens. Don’t miss it!


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Special Causes

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Splish Splash!

Pack a towel, swim suit and flip-flops because during hot summer days, it's "Water Day!" Once a week, children get drenched in a "kid-wash," a water obstacle course, slip and slide, water games and sprinkler fun!

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